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Africa’s premier eProcurement Platform. Gloopro simplifies purchasing for large enterprises with eProcurement and commerce solutions.

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Gloopro is a powerful, cost-effective, and secure cloud-based enterprise eProcurement and commerce platform. The Gloopro platform is designed to revolutionalize the technological landscape of corporate purchasing in Africa. Large and middle-market enterprises in a wide variety of industry verticals are able to manage their indirect spend with ease and efficiency.

Gloopro helps large and middle-market enterprises streamline purchasing processes, control costs and manage vendors related to material and/or service inputs not included in their core products and/or service (aka, indirect spend). With Gloopro, you can electronically collaborate within your organization and your procurement department to enhance your purchasing workflow. You can use Gloopro to develop a standardised procurement process, which you can enable company-wide to save money across all departments.

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