We Are Africa's Premier eProcurement Platform

Gloopro is on a mission to build Africa's largest, indigenous multi-enterprise procurement network and supply-chain trading platform

Our Story

We've always been obsessed with delivering value to our customers.

PayMente Limited, trading as Gloopro, is an enterprise eProcurement and commerce platform used by large and mid-market enterprises for electronically purchasing B2B products and services via procurement software that also simplifies and automates their procurement processes.

Originally, we started off as an online supermarket branded Gloo.ng (publicly launched October 2012) but eventually pivoted to the enterprise eProcurement business branded Gloopro (publicly launched in March 2019).

Our story

Our Vision

Gloopro's vision is to be "the go-to" enterprise eProcurement platform for Africa.

Gloopro is on the mission to promote and support the success of large and mid-market enterprises in Africa.

Gloopro is led by a highly motivated, entrepreneurial, experienced leadership team, supported by a solid bench of experienced investors and board. Gloopro is more than a business. It is a vision! Our north-star is customer success.

Our vision

Our Glootian Creed

Heads down; ignore the noise. Stay hungry; stay focused. Keep shipping! Gradatim Ferociter!!!

Our Values

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Extreme Customer-Focus

This is where it all starts & ends, where it rises & falls, where it waxes & wanes.

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The coefficient force of the tightly knit phalanx of 300 Spartan Hoplites at Thermopylae.

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Creatively pulling needles out of hay sacks is first nature, not second nature

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Always aiming for singularity in what we say and what we do, by over-delivering on the doing than the saying. It's a discipline you master, a way of life…our way of life.

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Failing fast, failing small and improving continually—an endless loop of discovery and joy.

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Junkies of the thrill of walking on water, of defying gravity. It's where we thrive, our sweet spot!

Our Investors

Agronautic Ventures

Agronautic Ventures

Tofino Capital

Tofino Capital

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